Pivot Gate Automation is changing the industry.

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Industry-changing pivot gate automation

Solid Rock Automation designs, fabricates and installs custom, high-end lift gates and lift gate operator systems. Our innovative designs and rock-solid manufacturing processes are raising the bar in the gate industry. Lift gates are the future. Unlike swing and slide gates that take up too much room, require a flat surface to operate, and are difficult to open in snowy conditions, our lift gates are designed to fit within tight spaces and can be placed on any terrain, including inclined driveways. Swing radius is now an issue of the past. Our gates are also remarkably easy to install, won’t get jammed up, and can easily be opened with or without power.

Lift gate systems are on the cutting edge of the gate automation industry, not only do they come with a higher end aesthetic appearance than your standard swing and slide gate but the practicality of the system dominates the competition. No longer is there a need to shovel snow to open a swing gate or consume excessive amounts of your property to make room for a slide gate. When you drive up to a Solid Rock Automation lift gate in operation you quickly capture the prestige that is brought to the entrance of the property.

Each gate operator we sell comes with a made to order gate of your choosing. The installation process is as simple as it gets in the industry. Our operators are “out of the box” onto the ground with no parts or pieces to assemble during installation. Simply bolt the operator down to the concrete pad and plug in the accessories of your choosing and your gate installation is complete. Solid Rock is truly elevating automation in the entry gate industry. Our operators come standard with a photo eye and a reversing edge strip and are compatible with safety loops, exit loops, keypads, card readers, and state of the art security systems.

UL 325 Listed Hydraulic Lift Gate Systems, capable of withstanding wind gusts up to 100 mph