Residential Gate Manual Lift

Spring balanced manual lift gate “non-automated”

Manual Lift System

Solid Rock’s Manual Lift System is in a category all its own. This non-automated system can be operated with less force than your typical swing gate system, making it ideal for residential areas where automation is not practical. Replace the old swing gates around your home, and discover the convenience of a manual lift system. The days of fighting to open swing gates during heavy snowfall and having limited space due to swing gate radius are over.

Residential Gate Auto-Light

Electrical/Mechanical automated lift gate


Solid Rock’s Auto-Light is an electrical/mechanical operating system designed for residential and light-to-medium duty commercial properties. This system brings strong competition to the slide/swing gate industry. Not only does it maintain the practicality and reputation of the Solid Rock product line, this gate is priced to win the bid against slide and swing gate automation systems. In the event you lose power to your lift gate system, simply flip a switch located on the operator and your Auto-Light can be operated manually with ease.

We also offer Auto-Light and Hydraulic gates with solar power capabilities.